Since 1978 Dr. Perkins has taught biblical studies at undergraduate and graduate level. He currently is professor of biblical studies. His primary focus is New Testament, particularly exegetical and hermeneutical issues related to the Gospel of Mark, 1 Peter and Galatians. He also teaches New Testament Theology, Exposition of Romans, Jesus and the Kingdom, Greek Exegesis and a Doctor of Ministry Course entitled “Spiritual Leadership in the New Testament”. As President of Northwest Baptist Seminary (2000-2010) Dr. Perkins provided leadership for Northwest Baptist Seminary, one of the five seminaries that partner to form the Associated Canadian Theological Schools of Trinity Western University. He served as Dean of ACTS from 1995-2004, giving broad academic direction to the academic development of this major Canadian, ministry training and research centre which is the Graduate School of Theological Studies for Trinity Western University. He also is one of the founding members of the Institute for Septuagint Studies at Trinity Western University. He currently is President emeritus of Northwest Baptist Seminary. He remains active in church ministry, serving as an elder of SouthRidge Fellowship Baptist Church, Langley, B.C. He is a member of various learned societies.

His published books include “The Pastoral Epistles. A Handbook on the Greek Text,” published by Baylor University Press (2017) and “The Art of Kubernesis (1 Corinthians 12:28). Leading as the Church Board Chairperson,” published by Wipf and Stock (2021). Recent research and publications relate to the Greek translation of Exodus, the Gospel of Mark, and the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament. He also consults with church boards, offering workshops and coaching. See his other website moments:nbseminary.com that explores the meaning of Greek words used in the New Testament.