Sample Board Covenants

SAMPLE A: Church Board Covenant – Guiding Principles for Board Members

As spiritual leaders in our congregation we must demonstrate by example godly Christian relationships, attitudes, and behaviour. As members of the church board  we commit ourselves to:

  1. pray daily for members of the church board, the pastoral team and the ministry of our church;
  2. speak respectfully about each other in all contexts;
  3. address and resolve conflicts quickly and biblically;
  4. extend forgiveness when offended and carry no grudges;
  5. care for other board members when they are in difficulty;
  6. come to board meetings prepared, informed, and in prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit for wisdom;
  7. once the board has taken a decision, to support the board. If unable to do so, then be willing to resign;
  8. be honest in all board dealings and discussions, voluntarily identifying potential conflicts of interest and never pursuing a personal agenda;
  9. hold all board discussions in complete confidence;
  10. agree that the board chair speaks for the board;
  11. hold one another accountable for this covenant and agreeing to resign if significant and/or consistent violations of its provisions occur

SAMPLE B: “Team Covenant” by T.J. Addington in
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