191. Church Board Chair Manual — A New Resource


Church Board Chair Manual.  Larry Perkins, 2013.

I have gathered much of the material incorporated into the blogs, reviews and other resources on this website and consolidated it into the Church Board Chair Manual (175 pages). Within its fourteen chapters and seven appendices with various sample documents, you will discover a biblically-integrated approach to the role of a church board chair. The bibliography provides information about print and web-based resources.

If you are mentoring a new board chairperson, this would be a great gift for that person. Perhaps you are looking for a resource to help you continue to enhance your capacity to serve as a chairperson.  Or maybe you are just beginning your work as board chair and are seeking a resource to orient you to this role. This resource will provide you with helpful advice, will introduce to some of the key elements that enable effective chairing, and give you insight into biblical materials that help to define this role. Each chapter ends with a case study and reflective questions, along with some suggested additional readings to expand your understanding.

You can access this e-publication by clicking on the following tab:[purchase_link id=”5272″ style=”button” color=”yellow” text=”Purchase” direct=”true”]

I have tried to keep the cost modest and you are able to print a copy for your personal use should you desire or you can read it as an e-publication.

If you do purchase a copy and read it, let me know if you have suggestions for improvement. Undoubtedly I have overlooked some things or not stated them as clearly as they could be. Or perhaps there are aspects of this role that deserve greater emphasis or elaboration. Your help would be appreciated and it will only improve the resource.

Let me give you a preview:

Table of Contents 

Introduction. 3

CHAPTER ONE: Foundational Paradigms and Principles – the Nature of Governance Leadership within a Local Church   5

CHAPTER TWO: “Examples to the Flock” (1 Peter 5:3) Roles and Responsibilities of Church Boards. 19

CHAPTER THREE:  Models of Church Board Governance. 30

CHAPTER FOUR: Discerning and Building Your Leadership Character as Church Board Chair. 47

CHAPTER FIVE: Church Board Chair and Lead Pastor Relations. 56

CHAPTER SIX:  Leading the Church Board as a Ministry Team.. 67

CHAPTER SEVEN: Developing and Sustaining Church Board Effectiveness. 76

CHAPTER EIGHT: Chairing an Ethnically Diverse Church Board. 91

CHAPTER NINE: The Church Board Chair and Key Board Operational Issues – Internal Matters. 99

CHAPTER TEN: The Church Board Chair and Key Board Operational Issues – External Relations. 114

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Church Board Chairs, Legal Issues and Finances. 127

CHAPTER TWELVE: Chairing in the midst of “Black Swan” Events. 136

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Keeping it Fresh. 146

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Finishing Well152

Appendix A: Sample Church Board Chair Role Description. 157

Appendix B: Sample Church Board Role Description. 159

Appendix C: Sample Church Board Chair Evaluation Instrument. 160

Appendix D: Sample Church Board Covenant. 161

Appendix E:  Sample Church Board Code of Ethical Conduct. 162

Appendix F: Sample Discussion Brief and Decision Profile Templates. 163

Appendix G:  Samples of Church Board Assessment Instruments. 165

Selected Books. 170

Selected Articles. 171




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