Church Board Assessment Tool


Score each comment from 1 (NO, very poorly) to 10 (YES, very well)

1.       The board, as a whole, has a good understanding of its governance philosophy, including its role and its overall responsibilities. ___

2.       The board knows the organization’s mission statement and major goals. __

3.       The board considers strategic issues that may affect the organization. __

4.       The board knows the operation structure (officers, committees and staff) of the organization. __

5.       The board has worked with staff to review and approve the strategic plan.

6.       The board deals primarily with policy related issues. __

7.       The board avoids micro-managing the organization. __

8.       The board monitors the staff’s progress in implementing the strategic plan. __

9.       The board approves the annual financial budget of the organization. __

10.   The board receives regular reports on the financial performance of the organization. __

11.   The board receives understandable reports on financial performance. __

12.   The board receives regular reports on the program performance of the organization. __

13.   The board receives understandable reports on the program performance.__

14.   The board’s agenda is circulated before meetings in adequate time for review. __

15.   Board members come to the board meetings prepared, having read pre-circulated materials. __

16.   The board meetings are orderly. __

17.   Board discussions focus on the debate of issues and policies. __

18.   Board discussions are conducted in a non-threatening environment. __

19.   Interactions at board meetings are courteous and professional. __

20.   Individual’s comments at board meetings are treated as confidential. __

21.   The chair ensures ample time is provided at meetings for all interested parties to be heard. __

22.   The chair ensures no single individual or group dominates the discussions at board meetings. __

23.   The chair ensures that board work is appropriately distributed among the board members. __

24.   The board objectively assesses the work and recommendations of its committees and task forces. __

25.   When a board decision is made, the entire board supports its successful implementation.

26.   The diversity of the members and/or stakeholders is represented on the board. __

27.   The board regularly monitors the performance of the CEO/lead pastor by monitoring the achievement of the organization’s goals. __

28.   The board regularly monitors the performance of the CEO/lead pastor by utilizing a documented evaluation process. __

29.   The board monitors the ongoing effectiveness of policies in a regular manner. __

30.   The board effectively represents the organization to the community. __

34. The board effectively represents the organization to its members and/or stakeholders.

35. The board undertakes training on a regular basis. __

Please add your personal comments to the following questions?

  • In what areas did the board make its greatest contribution and in retrospect were they the highest priorities? (Please provide your rationale.)
  • What areas are the most pressing for the board to focus upon in the coming year? (Please explain and suggest ways and means to achieve.)
  • What other initiatives, not contemplated in the long-term plans, should the board consider?

[1] Developed by Larry Nelson and used with his permission.

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