Church Board Chair – Workshop 2

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  1. MARGO GREEN says:

    Hi my name is sister Margo Green is would like to no more information on this subjust
    i just became a part of a church board in i would like to no how it should run.
    I also would like to no can i git a video for church to see.

    • Hi Margo.
      Thank you for your response. Several suggestions you might consider.
      1. On this website I provide several reviews of books that are helpful guides for people serving on church boards. You might order one of these and use it as a resource to help you develop your understanding.
      2. I am not aware of any specific videos regarding these principles, other than what I have posted on this website. Click on the “videos” heading and this will take to several that might be helpful. Please feel free to use them within your board.

      Blessings in your board experience.
      Larry Perkins, Ph.D.

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